Sunday, 13 March 2011

How I Get Through Anxiety

One way i endeavor anxiety is writing quick poems to release my exasperate intuition. I'm going to introduce a couple of my poems every week or so, i love to write poems i may not be the best but i feel they give out a sense of humbleness.

 The first one I'm going to introduce is one i wrote when my ex was cheating on me:

Faded love.

My love has gone,
The one I fallen for,
Cheating, illicit deceit,
Misleading my heart,
For personal gain,
My love has faded,
For the one my heart had fallen for,
My love has faded,
Faded into abyss,
Faded love.

 During this time i was intense pain and unhappiness, i wrote numerous poems but this one i think gives out allot of understanding.

Finally my second on i wrote to a girl i really like but she had a boyfriend, it doesn't really seem like a matter of importance but the problem is i have horrible anxiety and it kicked into to a sense of regret and and enviousness.

I see you in the morning,
But your back is all I see,
My trembling veins cry out for help,
Help me stop this tainted love,
But all I perceive is my heart,
Loving something so tainted,
Something that will remain,
Tainted, as my love I have for you.

Thank-you for reading please comment bad or good, either way it's positive for me so i can improve for future reference. 

Thanks :)